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Determination of Relative Frequency of HBS Ag, HCV and HIV Antibodies Serum Markers among Admitted Intravenous Drug Users in Infectious Disease Ward of Razi Hospital in Ahvaz, 2004-2005 (34285 Views)
Detection of Vegetable Oils in Dairy Products Using the Polymerase Chain Reaction Technique (34242 Views)
Detection of Parasitic Contamination in Ready to Eat Fresh Packaged Herbs Sold in Tehran, Iran (26622 Views)
Determination of the Cost of Cesarean Surgery in a Public Hospital of Iran (22098 Views)
An Investigation of the Efficacy of Cuttlefish Bone Powder in the Removal of Reactive Blue 19 Dye from Aqueous Solutions: Equilibrium and Isotherm Studies (21185 Views)
The Effect of Drug Addiction on Education from University Students’ Point of View (18067 Views)
Spirituality and General Health among Hospital Personnel of Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences, Yazd-Iran (16065 Views)
Clinical Governance in Primary Care Principles, Prerequisites and Barriers: A Systematic Review (15262 Views)
Evaluation of Maize Tassel Powder Efficiency in Removal of Reactive Red 198 Dye from Synthetic Textile Wastewater (14881 Views)
Potential investigation of Reusing Ardabil Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge Based on AHP and TOPSIS Models (14870 Views)
The Epidemiologic Investigation of Genital Warts within the Females Referred to Shahid Sadoughi Hospital in Yazd – A Case Series Study (13280 Views)
The Immunization Coverage of Afghan Children at the Health Centers Supported by the United Nation Higher Commission in Kerman, Iran (13158 Views)
A Look into Anthrax as a Biological Weapon, from the Past to Today (12536 Views)
The Effect of Nitrate as a Radical Scavenger for the Removal of Humic Acid from Aqueous Solutions by Electron Beam Irradiation (12261 Views)
Selecting Hospital's Key Performance Indicators, Using Analytic Hierarchy Process Technique (12212 Views)
Accordance of Schools Health Status with the Regulations of School Health in Yazd (11722 Views)
The Zoning of Groundwater Quality for Drinking Purpose Using Scholler Model and Geographic Information System (GIS) (11149 Views)
Relationship between Lung Function and Flour Dust in Flour Factory Workers (11044 Views)
Relation Between Job Stress Dimensions and Job Satisfaction in Workers of a Refinery Control Room (10767 Views)
Weight Gain During Pregnancy and Birth Weight Outcome In Pregnant Women, Tabriz, Iran (10766 Views)
A Survey about the Prevalence of Dysmenorrhea in Female Students of Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences and Their Knowledge, and Practice toward it (10708 Views)
The Effect of Educational Intervention on Selection of Delivery Method Based on Health Belief Model. (10461 Views)
The Incidence of Malignant Melanoma in Two Different Cultural Settings and the Probable Role of Clothing in Melanoma Prevention (10373 Views)
Performance Study of Reverse Osmosis Plants for Water Desalination in Bandar-Lengeh, Iran (10248 Views)
Removing Copper from Contaminated Water Using Activated Carbon Sorbent by Continuous Flow (9817 Views)
A survey of client satisfaction from The delivery of services in urban health centers of Yazd (9808 Views)
Innovation in the Application of Malcolm Baldrige Model: Using Two models (Medical & Educational) at one Hospital (9407 Views)
Validity and Reliability of the Iranian Version of eHealth Literacy Scale (9297 Views)
Occurrence and Distribution of Sarcocystis Parasite Isolated from Sheep in Yazd Province, Iran (9138 Views)
Antimicrobial Activity and Toxicity of Zhumeria Majdae Essential Oil and its Capsulated Form (9136 Views)
Effect of Shift Work on the Frequency of Depression in Nursing Staff of Yazd University of Medical Sciences (9115 Views)
Survival Rate of Patients with Stomach Cancer and its Effective Factors in Yazd Province (9044 Views)
The Association between Socio-Demographic Charactristics and Fast Food Consumption withinHigh School Students in Isfahan, Iran (8987 Views)
Cd and Pb Concentrations in the Surface Sediments of the Asaluyeh Bay, Iran (8958 Views)
Toxoplasmosis Seroepidemiology in Serum of Suspected Patients Referring to Medical Lab, 2013 (8922 Views)
Preliminary Survey of Aflatoxins in Mashhad’s Roasted Red Skin Peanut Kernels during February to May 2016 (8905 Views)
Knowledge, attitude, and behavior regarding breast cancer screening among women referring to health centers of Yazd city (8901 Views)
Health-Related Quality of life and Associated Factors among Iranian University Students (8855 Views)
Predictors of Sleep Quality and Sleepiness in the Iranian Adult: A population Based Study (8832 Views)
Knowledge, Attitude, and Performance of Nurses' Crisis Management in Natural Disasters in Yazd City (8804 Views)
Efficiency of Coagulation and Flocculation Process Combined with Chemical Sequestration in Removal of Organic and Inorganic Contaminants from Aautomotive Industry Sewag (8681 Views)
Effect of Educational Booklet and Lecture on Nutritional Knowledge, Attitude and Behavior of Third-Grade Male Guidance School Students (8490 Views)
The Prevalence of Intestinal Parasites in Children Attending Day–Care Centers in Yazd City, Iran (8458 Views)
Prevalence of Substance Abuse among High School Students in 2015-2016 Academic Year in Yazd City, Iran (8419 Views)
The Association between Socio – economic Factors and Coronary Artery Disease in Yazd Province: a case - control Study (8364 Views)
Performance Evaluation of Bauxite Activated Mines in Yazd Province in Order to Remove Fluoride from Drinking Water (Case Study: Kuhbanan Water) (8270 Views)
Study of Contamination and Risk Assessment of Heavy Metal in Fish (Otolithes ruber) and Sediments from Persian Gulf (8245 Views)
Treatment of Synthetic Textile Wastewater by Combination of Coagulation/Flocculation Process and Electron Beam Irradiation (8237 Views)
Assessment of School Backpack Weight and Other Characteristics in Elementary Schools, Yazd-Iran (8236 Views)
Prevalence of Lifetime Smoking and Its Determinant Factors in High School Adolescents in Shiraz (8220 Views)
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