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Removing Copper from Contaminated Water Using Activated Carbon Sorbent by Continuous Flow (9486 Downloads)
Selecting Hospital's Key Performance Indicators, Using Analytic Hierarchy Process Technique (8252 Downloads)
Relation Between Job Stress Dimensions and Job Satisfaction in Workers of a Refinery Control Room (6409 Downloads)
A Survey about the Prevalence of Dysmenorrhea in Female Students of Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences and Their Knowledge, and Practice toward it (5935 Downloads)
The Effect of Drug Addiction on Education from University Students’ Point of View (5711 Downloads)
Efficiency of Coagulation and Flocculation Process Combined with Chemical Sequestration in Removal of Organic and Inorganic Contaminants from Aautomotive Industry Sewag (5525 Downloads)
Awareness of Lassa Fever in a Rural Community in South West Nigeria (5482 Downloads)
Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior to Predict Drug Abuse Related Behaviors (4970 Downloads)
Validity and Reliability of the Iranian Version of eHealth Literacy Scale (4622 Downloads)
Performance Study of Reverse Osmosis Plants for Water Desalination in Bandar-Lengeh, Iran (4517 Downloads)
Assessment of School Backpack Weight and Other Characteristics in Elementary Schools, Yazd-Iran (4487 Downloads)
Factors Pertaining to Unintended Pregnancy Amongst Women Visiting Healthcare Centers of Yazd City (4413 Downloads)
Clinical Governance in Primary Care Principles, Prerequisites and Barriers: A Systematic Review (4371 Downloads)
Risk Assessment of Ilam Gas Refinery on the Base of William Fine Method in 2012 (4343 Downloads)
The Effect of Nitrate as a Radical Scavenger for the Removal of Humic Acid from Aqueous Solutions by Electron Beam Irradiation (4336 Downloads)
The Zoning of Groundwater Quality for Drinking Purpose Using Scholler Model and Geographic Information System (GIS) (4235 Downloads)
Knowledge, Attitude, and Performance of Nurses' Crisis Management in Natural Disasters in Yazd City (4230 Downloads)
Evaluation of Maize Tassel Powder Efficiency in Removal of Reactive Red 198 Dye from Synthetic Textile Wastewater (4145 Downloads)
Role of Feeling of Loneliness and Emotion Regulation Difficulty on Drug Abuse (4122 Downloads)
Adsorption of Lead by Microalgae Chaetoceros Sp. and Chlorella Sp. from Aqueous Solution (4027 Downloads)
Relationship between Lung Function and Flour Dust in Flour Factory Workers (3930 Downloads)
An Investigation of the Efficacy of Cuttlefish Bone Powder in the Removal of Reactive Blue 19 Dye from Aqueous Solutions: Equilibrium and Isotherm Studies (3807 Downloads)
Health-Related Quality of life and Associated Factors among Iranian University Students (3789 Downloads)
Spirituality and General Health among Hospital Personnel of Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences, Yazd-Iran (3749 Downloads)
Developing Patient Education Questionnaire in Iranian Culture (3736 Downloads)
The Effect of Soil Radioactivity in Pollution (3727 Downloads)
Evaluation of knowledge, Attitude and Practice between Periodontal Disease and Diabetes (3703 Downloads)
A survey of client satisfaction from The delivery of services in urban health centers of Yazd (3595 Downloads)
Students' Knowledge and Attitude of Hygiene and Food Safety at Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences in Yazd, Iran (3587 Downloads)
The Role of Human Resources Management in Risk and Safety Management of Patient (Case study: Dr. Mojibiyan Hospital, Yazd) (3482 Downloads)
Detection of Parasitic Contamination in Ready to Eat Fresh Packaged Herbs Sold in Tehran, Iran (3479 Downloads)
The Immunization Coverage of Afghan Children at the Health Centers Supported by the United Nation Higher Commission in Kerman, Iran (3407 Downloads)
Effect of Shift Work on the Frequency of Depression in Nursing Staff of Yazd University of Medical Sciences (3256 Downloads)
The Study on Factors of Health Economics and Economic Growth in Iran (3252 Downloads)
Potential investigation of Reusing Ardabil Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge Based on AHP and TOPSIS Models (3241 Downloads)
Social Support and its Relation with Daily Activities among Elderly People of Yazd (3193 Downloads)
Proposing a Model for Patient Admission and NFC Mobile Payment by Biometric Identification and Smart Health Card (3188 Downloads)
The Investigate Factors on Screening of the Breast Cancer Based on PEN-3 Model in Iranian Northern Women (3135 Downloads)
Reactive Blue 19 Dye Adsorption Behavior on Jujube Stems Powder from Syntetic Textile Wastewater: Isotherm and Kinetic Adsorption Studies (3131 Downloads)
Evaluation of Environmental Health Indicators of Halva and Tahini Production Centers in Ardakan, Yazd (3122 Downloads)
Use of Failure Mode and Effects Analysis in Improving Safety: A case Study in An Oil Company (3059 Downloads)
Study of Contamination and Risk Assessment of Heavy Metal in Fish (Otolithes ruber) and Sediments from Persian Gulf (3044 Downloads)
Comparison Predominant Oral micro-flora in Subjects with and without Complete Denture Referred to Yazd Dentistry Department (3040 Downloads)
Accordance of Schools Health Status with the Regulations of School Health in Yazd (2996 Downloads)
Prevalence Unintended Pregnancy and its Related Factors Among Currently Pregnant Women in Kangavar City (West Iran) (2996 Downloads)
Occurrence and Distribution of Sarcocystis Parasite Isolated from Sheep in Yazd Province, Iran (2983 Downloads)
The Epidemiologic Investigation of Genital Warts within the Females Referred to Shahid Sadoughi Hospital in Yazd – A Case Series Study (2969 Downloads)
The Role of Women's Employment on Family Social Health Case study –Tehran, Districts 1, 2, 19 & 20 (2956 Downloads)
The Relationship between Safety Climate with Fatalism and Perceived Helplessness among Workers: Implication for Health Promotion (2953 Downloads)
Removal of Hexavalent Chromium from Aqueous Solutions Using Magnetic Nanoparticles Coated with Alumina and Modified by Cetyl Trimethyl Ammonium Bromide (2906 Downloads)
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